A turnkey concept

In order to optimize your productivity, your business effectiveness and your customer relationship management, iTek Pharma offers a genuine specialist solution for the pharmacy sector. It involves developing your project with end-to-end support to implement an online store for drugstore products and/or medication in a way that is authorized by the French and European authorities.

Web 3.0 technologies are the most effective tools in existence, working alongside your regular business to add the vigor and dynamism that it needs to develop.


iTek Pharma offers a complete solution that gives administrators complete control, allowing them to manage their online stores with ease. All e-business functionality is integrated to allow you to sell efficiently.

Gestion E-Pharmacie en ligne

Product database

Take advantage of a database featuring 10,000 pharmacy and drugstore product items.

Produits parapharmacie et OTC

Hosting solutions approved for health and personal data

iTek Pharma will handle your complete solution, from design and architecture through to operation, maintenance and development. iTek Pharma will ensure that you meet your regulatory obligations while operating in a secure, high-performance environment.

- Medical advice
- Traceability of customer contacts
- Protection of personal data
- Health questionnaire
- Unique IP address for each pharmacy that you own
- A complete managed service

Smartphone apps

Increasingly, the web is moving to mobile, and iTek Pharma offers a strategic approach to mobile and tablet platforms for this high-growth market.

With native applications (apps) delivered via Google Play for Android technologies and via the Apple Store for iOS devices...
...iTek Pharma offers a genuine market niche that attracts the attention of mobile internet users and converts them into loyal customers via direct marketing tools such as push and pull strategies.

This means that your pharmacy will remain in easy reach of your online patients.

Building on its experience and the experiences of its pharmacist customers, developed as a result of permanent monitoring of the technological landscape, iTek Pharma can provide an abundance of tools from the latest web generation to maintain your competitive advantage and ensure the sustainability of your pharmaceutical business.

Applications Smartphones et sites mobiles E-pharmacie

Online marketing

iTek Pharma integrates a pharmacist’s marketing and communications activities into its solutions. In addition, our teams of specialists (online marketers and community managers) have the skills needed to secure successful market positioning for your business.

From search engine optimization (SEO) to paid links, we can deploy all technical solutions and tools to optimize your site’s market position on a long-term basis.

This will increase awareness of your site, generating productivity growth and increasing your market share and revenue. We supply effective online marketing strategies that create traffic for your website and online applications. Our actions also impact customer loyalty to ensure that they build a close relationship with you that’s built on trust.

Increase your pharmacy’s online profile by choosing pharmacy 3.0 to keep up with the latest trends and get on top of the challenges that the latest developments generate.

Like hundreds of our other customers, you too can become part of the Itek Pharma community!


Hosting, a database with over 10,000 items (the only web agency to offer a database of comparable size), customized graphical conceits, optional private sales and home deliveries, automatic stock and order updates, multilingual sites, smartphone apps: iTek Pharma offers all of its clients the ability to grow their online pharmacies in ways that meet their own personal criteria.