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A national and international presence

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Our international and overseas presence

French Overseas Departments
La Réunion

iTek Pharma has a sales team, as well as advisors and consultants, who operate nationwide to provide an optimal customer response. iTek Pharma Indian Ocean has just opened an office on the island of La Réunion, and will soon be joined by iTek Pharma Caribbean.


iTek Pharma has had a presence in Belgium since 2010, in the financial capital of Brussels, providing support to Belgian pharmacies as they develop their interactive strategies in compliance with the Royal Decree of 2009.

Head of Sales and Marketing

Immeuble les Lucioles
245 Route des Lucioles
06560 Sophia Antipolis
Telephone: +33 426 270 008

iTek Pharma is expanding its network of agents to ensure the best possible service and is therefore expanding the coverage of its national network, as well as growing in the French Overseas Departments and internationally.